Teksten er af Erik Kock:



The morning felt so empty and so cold

we followed airport signs

signs like we’d been told

You felt my pregnant belly

(we) said bravo once again


I’ve pointed at the morning TV screen

I’ve showed her where you’d been

on the day when they

had brought me to my knees

(your) company Bravo lost


And my anger went right through the roof

till it reached the heaven

heaven I had lost

no longer bullet proof

I’ve lost my hope, my faith


The morning feels so empty and so cold

we follow airport signs

signs like we’ve been told

I feel her warming hand

(I) thought Bravo once again


© 2011 by Erik Kock




I am saving my blood to make enough warmth for you

in here as the dusk comes crawling round the corners

with its arms reaching out,

promising me wings


I am saving my ink to make enough songs for you

as time drags itself into the night and up the stairs

to your porch with its hands

scissoring the breeze


omk: as if to catch the last moths

seeking the light from your eyes


I am saving my stream to make enough foam for you

to breathe the iron pain in two which held us captured here

never asking questions

it never does from hearts


omk: which want to find the last voids

using the light from love’s eyes


I am saving my tears to make enough mess for you

as I take the last steps each one eight miles long

to the point I’ve not known

and shall never leave


omk: in my life as I know it the sound

from the wings still filling me


©  Erik Kock 2011